A Progressive Facility for Creative Thinking, Real-World Applications 和 Community Collaboration

“This investment in the residents of the Adirondack Park 和 in the lives of the students will bridge programs, 项目, 和人民, 并为该地区几代人带来可持续和积极的影响.——汤姆·布罗德里克,对外事务学院副院长

“主要的圣. location builds on the strength of 多宝体育官网’s history 和 mission which is to prepare young people to be leaders in fields that innovate solutions to the challenges of our global community. The 设施 will benefit the entire community from local students to guests to our region.- Michael Maher,校长

“Much in the same way that the Lake Placid Center for the Arts is bridging the educational gap for local youth in the arts, this 设施 will help young people 和 residents of the community develop the knowledge 和 skills that will help them succeed in their intellectual 和 professional pursuits.- Michael Maher,校长

多宝体育官网’s commitment to excellence in academic programming now extends into a progressive 9,位于普莱西德湖市中心,占地面积超过000平方英尺. 灵活的, 开放教室和活动空间是一个现实世界应用的中心, 创造性思维和社区协作, 为诺斯伍德的所有学生提供了一个现代学习的中心.


在诺斯伍德, 多宝体育相信就地学习的好处, 作为这一承诺的延伸, the central function of the 创新中心's's mission is to promote 协作, 参与和合作, 利用共享的知识, 多宝体育社区的创新和创造力. 多宝体育官网的创新中心 offers auxiliary programs including after-school, 周末, 夏天, 特邀讲座和专业发展,点燃知识分子, 多宝体育寄宿学校学生的文化和职业追求.


作为诺斯伍德主校区的延伸, 多宝体育官网的创新中心提供了空间, 工具, 和 academic curriculum to hone the modern world knowledge 和 experience that the country’s top colleges 和 employers value most. 随着这个新空间的增加,多宝体育官网的体验, our graduates will be better empowered 和 equipped to confidently lead lives of consequence.

它位于阿迪朗达克山脉的特殊位置, combined with the school’s highly talented faculty 和 diverse academic programming enhances our goal to provide experiences that create confident, 具有全球视野的学生准备创新和适应多宝体育不断变化的世界. 


等项目 机器人, 创新 & 设计, 创业研究学习,参与,应用,执行 是否会随着新设施的增加而扩大, allowing 多宝体育官网 to offer an interdisciplinary approach to education that emphasizes active learning, 使, 承担风险,挑战学生的适应力, 独立的思想家.

The interdisciplinary approach means that students don't learn about one subject at a time in a silo. Instead, they look at a topic through the multiple lenses of history, science, literature, 和 more. Reflective of the academic shifts of many universities as well as the dem和s of the modern workplace, interdisciplinary learning provides students with more in-depth perspectives on a variety of topics 和 helps them develop critical thinking skills. 


创新中心还设有创客空间,学生可以在那里进行实验, 承担风险, 并以实践的方式探索他们的想法. This innovative approach to learning gives students permission to trust themselves 和 their own compass in relation to self-directed 和 collaborative learning. 

在过去的十年里,创客空间在全国范围内呈爆炸式增长, 和 we are excited to provide our students with 工具 和 resources that they may not otherwise be able to access outside of a professional laboratory setting. 与其他学生交流, 当地居民, 校友, 创客空间的科学家提供了多种好处,包括:

  • 学习如何创新
  • 用实际操作的方式解决复杂的问题
  • Taking classroom concepts off the page 和 turning them into real-world applications
  • 把“失败”作为学习过程中关键和必要的一部分
  • 建立弹性
  • 让学生接触新思想
  • 让学生使用高科技机械、工具和科学专业人员
  • 培养批判性思维和解决问题的能力
  • 通过提高灵活性等技能,让学生适应未来, 协作, 适应性, 领导, 和主动性


2美元.5 million funding for this transformational project has been provided by key early philanthropic support from Northwood school 校友, 家人和朋友. This financial commitment to the development of the 多宝体育官网的创新中心 exemplifies the sustained support from our generous donors of our mission to provide diverse academic offerings in top-notch facilities.

主要街道清晰可见. 设施, Northwood 校友 will feel increased pride in their school 和 enjoy the opportunity to connect with current students through 校友-supported programming 和 协作 in this new location. 

有关如何支持这项倡议的更多信息,请访问 诺斯伍德给页面 or contact our Associate Director of Development Stephanie Colby at (518) 302-5138.

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One of the key advantages of an experience at 多宝体育官网 is that it provides the platform to achieve excellence in both sport 和 academics in a supported environment with the added benefit of experiencing the exp和ed offerings of enhanced academics at the 多宝体育官网的创新中心.

To learn more about the 多宝体育官网 experience in general or the 创新中心 in particular, 请今天就多宝体育. 多宝体育是全国最多样化的寄宿学校之一, 多宝体育热切欢迎好奇的人, 独立学者, 初露头角的科学家, 艺术家, 运动员和多宝体育紧密联系的社区. 

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